This Girl In Yoga Pants Wears A Hidden Camera To Let Men Check Out Her Butt 1:19

The girl purposely affixes the camera to her behind in attempt to raise prostate cancer awareness.

This Dog Living In A Trash Pile Gets Rescued, And Then Uses Her Strength To Help Others 4:35

After being rescued by Hope For Paws, Miley befriends with another puppy named Frankie and become best buddies.

"The Last Goodbye" Song For "The Hobbit" Movies Is A Heartbreaking One 4:20

Enjoy Billy Boyd's "Last Goodybe", a touching sendoff to the 6 Middle-Earth films.

This "Star Wars" Prank Will Have You Begging For More 2:56

YouTuber Rémi Gaillard has pulled off a great "Star Wars" prank.

“This Is EVE” Trailer Features The Most Unexpected Voices And It's Jaw Dropping! 3:42

EVE Online asked players to submit their comms recordings in September without telling them what was the real purpose of that. Here is the most surprising answer.

Beyoncé Takes Twerking Into Her Bathroom In The New "7/11" Music Video 3:37

Beyoncé sure loves to surprise her fans, and she’s done it again.

Watch "Back To The Future I" In 60 Seconds 1:01

You'll need to go back, to watch it again!

This Is Why You Should Never Ask A Girl The Number Of Guys She’s Slept With 1:48

The ending just nailed it. Often, it’s better not to ask.

This Teen Discovers The Most Unlikely Fishing Place Ever: Sewer! 1:04

Never thought we could catch a fish in a storm drain!

This Vocal Band Shares Beautiful Holiday Music With People Who Have Flights Delayed At The Airport 2:29

Next time my flight gets delayed, I hope it’s with the Face Vocal Band!

These Insane People Have A Barbecue Over Real Flowing Lava In Backyard 5:14

Lava barbecue? Not a bad new cooking method to try!

Watch This Ferret Try To Jump And Fail Adorably 00:31

The way he tries to estimate the distance is really cute.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves And Their Reactions Are Hilarious 2:39

You will feel sorry for them but you will still laugh! Watch the previous video here:

Here's Why Asian Students Always Get Better Grades 7:40

This class of Japanese students have some genius ways of cheating during an exam.



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