Watch The Emotional Ending Scene Of "A Beautiful Mind" To Tribute To Mathematician John Nash 3:33

R.I.P. Mr. John Nash, the Nobel Prize winning Mathematician with a beautiful mind.

The Winning Performance Of Sweden's Mans Zelmerlow At Eurovision Song Contest Will Stun You 3:18

Swedish singer Mans Zelmerlow triumphs at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, beating Russia's Polina Gagarina.

Everybody Loves Twerking, Even Skeletor In "Masters Of The Universe" Does 2:55

Skeletor decides to learn about mankind more, by twerking.

Another Japanese Weirdest Competition: Lick The Banana (NSFW) 2:24

Well, I must say Japan is the most creative country in the world.

Teens First Hate The Handheld Games From The '90s, But They're Strangely Get Addicted Soon 8:20

"I never thought I'd enjoy a game where I'm running through the hallway, high-fiving people and dodging chairs and rugs."

She Tries To Remove Devil Possum From Her Closet Only To Find A Special Surprise 4:23

[Warning: Do Not Poke the Possum] So this is another valid reason for you to clear your closet now

Guy Wears Helmet Camera To Capture The Beauty Of Tokyo 4:24

Are you tempted to just buy a ticket and go to Tokyo right now?

The Honest After-Sex Complaints Are Cruel But Unexpectedly Hilarious 2:47

"All you do is just lay down like a dead fish, feels like I'm f*cking a Victoria's Secret mannequin."

"Batkid Begins" Trailer Is Here To Save The Day And Make You Cry AGAIN 2:32

Remember Batkid? "Batkid Begins" tells the tale of a child cancer patient who melted our hearts as he became Batkid for a day.

"The Avengers" Become Redneck Hooligans In This Hilarious Bad Lip Reading 4:14

'Listen mang, I didn't step on your dang glow-sticks.'

How To Make The Ultimate Bacon Burgers With BEER CAN 10:09

Coincidence or not? Beer and bacon burger are like the perfect match! Yum Yum...

This Little Girl Gives Her Dog The Most Adorable Pep Talk Of All Time 00:19

That's something you should learn to say it to your puppy, or not?



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