This App Can Help You Solve Any Equations And Cheat On Your Math Exams 00:44

"PhotoMath" gives you the answers to all math problems by taking a photo. Best invention for students who hate Math!

The Hoverboard From "Back to The Future" Is REAL! Here's How It Works 3:14

Some scientists have created the Hendo Hoverboard which can stand one inch from the ground and they are kickstarting it. Learn more about the project here:

Inbox Is A Total Reinvention Of Email From... GOOGLE! 1:01

Inbox is by the same people who brought you Gmail, but it's not Gmail. More info here:

The Girl That Wears LED Halloween Costume Returns As Minnie Mouse! 2:03

Glowy Zoey is so adorable and she outshines other trick-or-treaters easily with her costume. Watch her costume for last Halloween here:

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" Finally Gets An Honest Trailer 3:45

"Professor X goes from this to this in 13 years?" My mind is so confused now.

This Incredibly Fast Toyota Car Just Sets A New World Record 00:20

Toyota Supra just set a new world record with 0-240mph in 6.05 seconds in a distance of 1,320 feet.

This Live Performance Of "Shia LaBeouf" Tells The Story Of An Actual Cannibal And It's Epic 3:28

This song is created by comedian Rob Cantor and the real Shia LaBeouf makes a cameo in this awesome video.

This All-Star Beatboxing Video Including The Beatles, Michael Jackson And More Is So Stunning And Brilliant 2:11

This music video for Roy Kafri's "Mayokero" features classic album covers forming a beatboxing posse.

The 11-Year-Old Dancing Diva Is Back With Another Sensational Performance 2:04

Adi Malcom dances to Mark Rosas’ “Higher” this time and she makes sure it's perfect. Watch her first video here:

This Singing Nun Releases An Amazing Cover Of Madonna's "Like A Virgin" 5:04

The 26-year-old Sister Cristina is a former winner of The Voice in Italy. She believes this song is really about love and redemption.

IKEA Has Now Become A Haunted House That Will Scare All Of You 1:25

IKEA's Halloween ad is a parody of the movie"The Shining." Be very careful if you go shopping there.

"Racism Insurance" Is The Coverage Policy A Lot Of People Need, But It Doesn't Cover Everything 2:25

The folks behind "Dear White People" just releases a new promo for the film and it's ironically funny.

"Dawson’s Creek" Is Definitely Better With Dachshunds 3:09

"Dachshund's Creek" is a story about love, life and wiener dogs.

FKA Twigs Makes Google Glass Looks Really Cool With Her Dance Moves 2:13

FKA twigs creates a concept film for Google Glass as both the performer and director.



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