This Japanese Bikini Game Takes A Very Weird Turn (NSFW) 2:38

These girls play a classic Japanese game called "The Daruma (red doll) Fell Down" but it turns out to have a really bad ending.

This Is The Scary Halloween Prank You've Been Waiting For This Year 2:13

Chucky, the Scream killer and Jason from "Friday the 13th" join forces to scare people and it's really horrifying.

"Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare" Live Action Trailer Wants You To Discover Your Power 1:47

The director of "Lone Survivor," Peter Berg gives you an exciting preview of the highly anticipated shooter game.

The Sensational Kid Appears On TV Again And He Just Can't Be Stopped 6:56

Brendan Jordan, the 15-year-old better known as the kid who went full diva on live TV appears on "The Queen Latifah Show" and he is here to entertain you again. Watch his viral video here:

Watch This Korean Master Hand Create Ceramic Art Will Amaze You 6:53

This incredible talent on display is guaranteed to surprise you.

HP's Revolutionary Device Is Your New 3D Creation Station 1:26

HP's new device "Sprout" combines a computer, scanner, projector, and a touch mat that lets you unleash your imagination.

This Talented Girl Performs An Acoustic Version Of Thriller And It's Amazing 3:50

17-year-old Canadian musician Bailey Pelkman performs Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and it's perfect.

A Very Cool Video On "What Does Sound Look Like?" 2:32

This clever photographic trick lets you see sound waves as they travel through the air.

Watch How A Tattoo Is Removed Will Give You Thrills 9:39

If you're looking to remove an ex's name or any unwanted tattoos, watch and learn how a laser tattoo removal can take ink out of your skin.

This Powerful Ad Celebrates LeBron James Coming Back To Cleveland 2:16

LeBron James's return is something bigger than basketball this time.

10 Hours Of Walking As A Woman In "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" Is The Perfect Parody Of "Woman In New York" 1:21

Another parody of woman walking in New York City strikes again. ( Somebody has to stop this.

This Brilliant Video Shows How English Sounds To Non-English Speakers 4:06

"Skwerl" is a short film spoken in fake English. Any non-English or bilingual speakers will understand it well.

This "Haunted Poster" Freaks Curious Passersby Out Completely 1:20

A man sets up a poster on the street of Stockholm that features a QR code. When people scan it, they get a terrifying surprise.



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