This Cover Of "The Way You Make Me Feel" Is So Great That You Shall Not Miss 4:25

This girl named Kawehi covers Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” using some cool gadgets (BOSS RC-300 and BOSS FS-6 Switch Pedal). She's simply talented.

New School Year's Here, Kid President Has Some Inspiring Thoughts To Share With You 3:55

We're all teachers and we're all students. Be inspired by Kid President as you and your kids head back to school.

These Bendable Sculptures Created By Chinese Artist Li Hongbo Will Blow Your Mind 1:20

Li Hongbo is a former book editor from Beijing, China, who fell in love with paper and decided to turn it into art.

This Girl Gets A Little Too Excited On Her Slingshot Ride Part 2/2 (NSFW) 1:11

Peter "Oh are you serious?" Watch Part 1 here:

Nando’s New "Blue Light Brigade" Ad Pokes Fun At South Africa’s Ministers Hilariously 1:01

Ever wondered what would happen if four blue light brigades met at an intersection? Nando’s can tell you!

Watch Jon Stewart Tackle Ferguson With 'Race/Off' Brilliantly 10:40

Jon is back on The Daily Show and it's never too late for him to share his unique perspective on the happening.

Is This The Real iPhone 6 Built Out? 1:11

The iPhone 6 will certainly be a bit of a surprise, from all of the many leaked hardware parts of late.



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