This Girl Gets A Little Too Excited On Her Slingshot Ride (NSFW) 1:10

You are advised to turn down your speaker volume or wear an earphone.

This "Must Not Fart Challenge" In Japan Will Make You Laugh So Hard 2:24

These contestants are pumped with oxygen and they play arm wrestle to see who can go the longest without farting.

This Dog Thinks He's An Ambulance 00:30

They told him he could be anything, so he became a siren alarm!

This Girl Says Every Beyonce's Song Makes Her Feel Sick, And Her Reasons Will Blow Your Mind 5:16

Madiha Bhatti is a spoken word poet and she has something to say about Beyonce and pop music today. Do you agree with her?

Disney's "Recess" Opening Theme Will Bring You Back Some Good Old School Memories 1:01

The first episode of Recess was aired 17 years ago today. It's one of the best cartoons created within the last twenty years.

This Baby Boy Wakeps Up With Every Emotion, And It's Super Adorable 1:06

Baby Oliver must have had some really good dreams to wake up with all these emotions.

This Cute Bulldog Loves Playing Peek-A-Boo With His Human 00:33

Benny the English Bulldog puppy just wins the Internet!

This Horse Is Surely A Die-Hard Lover Of Heavy Metal 00:12

He keeps banging his head wildly until he finds out someone is looking at him!

This Crazy British Guy Invents An Iron Man Costume, And Puts Himself Inside A Firework Display 2:56

British inventor and crazy stuntman, Colin Furze, knows how to have fun. But I am not sure if he is really creative, or stupid.

Pixar's New Star "Lava" Just Wants Somebody To Love 00:40

"LAVA" is a musical love story that takes place over millions of years. It opens in theaters on June 19, 2015, in front of "Inside Out."

FINALLY! Someone Solves The Mystery Of How Rocks Move Across Death Valley Lake Bed 6:16

Watch oceanographer Richard Norris explain the phenomenon of sliding rocks in Death Valley.



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