BMW Kills It Again In This Epic Driftmob Shows Featuring The Crazy M235i 2:02

The famous car brand asks 5 Hollywood stunt drivers to make a drift-choreography in the streets of Cape Town.

These Men 'Accidentally' Go Into Women's Bathrooms In The 'Wrong Side Prank' 1:21

Never been welcomed by so many screaming girls? Men, this is one of your best once in a lifetime moments.

You Don't Know This Man But He's Everywhere, And You Should Be Aware Of His Bad Influence 1:27

"The Invisible Discriminator" is a new TV commercial which shows the psychological effect that subtle racism has on Australians.

This Poker Player Loses $1 Million After An Incredible Twist Of Bad Luck 3:50

Poker player Connor Drinan goes all in with his double aces but loses it all at the World Series of Poker $1 million buy-in tournament.

Watch These Crazy Guys Go Barefoot Skiing Behind Airplane 3:06

YouTuber Devinsupertramp takes skiing to the most insane extreme. Bloody hell doesn't it hurt?!

Watch This Group Of Funky Seniors Dance To Pharrell's "Happy" Will Make You Happy 4:06

60 residents and staff from Diana Isaac Retirement Village in Christchurch, New Zealand combine their talents together to make this cheerful "80-odd years of happy" tribute.

What Is The Speed Of Dark? This Video Will Change The Way You Think About Darkness 13:32

If Darkness = Nothing, and Nothing is faster than Light, so Darkness travels faster than Light? Let YouTuber Vsauce tell you why this is wrong.

New "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" Story Trailer Explodes With Intense Action 3:00

Activision recently released this new story trailer that introduces players to the game's near-futuristic world and plot.

"Plizzanet Earth" Narrated By Snoop Dogg Is Your New Favorite Nature Show 1:29

Watch this brand new special Jimmy Kimmel created with Snoop Dogg, who narrates the latest segment of Plizzanet Earth.

Table Tennis Stars Exchange 41 Shots During The Most Insane Ping Pong Rally Ever 1:19

During one match at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, Singapore's Ning Gao and Nigeria's Segun Toriola had one exciting game!

Watch "X-Files" Star David Duchovny Show You Every Reason He Is Proud Of Being A RUSSIAN 2:30

David Duchovny recently appears in a Russian beer ad and tells people things that Russians are proud of.

Watch NBA Star Jeremy Lin "Go To Hollywood" In This All-Asian Weird Musical 5:51

Jeremy Lin has recently been traded to the Lakers and his friends Philip Wang, AJ Rafael, Ryan Higa, and Harry Shum Jr. do whatever it takes to make their buddy happy.

This Man's Phone Rings On Live TV, What He Does Will 100% Make You Laugh 00:41

Recently, on a Vietnamese morning show, a guest was talking about the serious flooding in Lang Son when something unexpected happened: His phone rang. And he did the right thing!

This Little Girl Doesn't Want Her Baby Brother To Grow Up 00:57

5-year-old Sadie loves her brother so much that she doesn't want him stop being a baby. She is too young to realise that's every grown-up's problem.



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