Here Are The Coolest Cosplayers At Blizzcon 2014 4:41

Blizzcon ended in November, but here's an amazing compilation to sum up the awesome costumes of all cosplayers.

Get The First Look At The Leaked Lightsaber Scene From "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" 1:41

This animated parody by Happy Hour provides a sneak peek at how the lightsaber scene from the Star Wars: Episode VII teaser trailer will probably go down.

New Trailer Of "Final Fantasy XV" Is Released At Jump Festa 2015 2:38

It shows off even crazier and weirder road trip actions.

This Is The World's First Man To Use Two Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Limbs 4:33

Les Baugh, who lost both arms in an electrical accident 40 years ago, became the first person to simultaneously operate his two prosthetic limbs using his mind.

Enjoy This "O Holy Night" From A Harmonic Blend Of Voices 4:22

Home Free’s brand new version of "O Holy Night" is stunning with their a cappella performed in the setting of this beautiful church.

This Epic Revenge Of "GTA Online" Will Make You Give Up On Your Paper Again 00:41

Because you may watch it multiple times, and make your own revenge legend.

This Lady Is Truly The Best Rocker On The Stage 2:48

This is Joanna Connora in couple of weeks ago showing that women in fact can be a guitarist as good as men.

Eyes Are The Windows To Your Health 2:50

National Geographic explains how eye doctors can diagnose a wide range of health issues by taking a detailed look at the eyes.

This Singing Christmas Tree Surprises The Cats And Possibly YOU! 00:47

You would like the cats and the Christmas tree.

This Is You Looking At Your Bank Balance After Buying Christmas Gifts 00:13

Steve Carell's reaction couldn't be more realistic to express how I feel now.

How To Prank Your Pets? Give Them A Transparent TV! 00:42

It looks so much more fun than a laser pointer.

A Truly Heartwarming Ad Presents You The Sweetest Christmas 1:31

This ad called "The Journey" take us with a lovely snowman on an epic journey.

Here's How Christmas Morning Looks Like According To Famous Directors 2:31

These are brilliantly accurate. If you're laughing, chances are high that you watch too many movies.

A 5-Year-Old Girl Telling How She Feels About Princess Leia'a Slave Outfit Will Impress You 1:42

People seem to think the slave outfit of Carrie Fisher rocked in "Return of the Jedi" was a bit demoralizing. This five year old little girl disagrees.

10 Most Common Myths About Sex Explained (NSFW) 3:46

Can you judge a man's junk size from his shoes? Watch to get the answer.

Eminem Who? This Guy Can Rap In 7 Languages Faster Than The Real Slim Shady 6:45

MC Silk, a Polish rapper, is determined to challenge Eminem the Rap God. Is he claiming his victory here?



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