Boob Twerking Girl Is Back And This Time She Battles A Shirtless Guy (NSFW) 1:19

Sarah X and her boyfriend Terry Crews perform boob twerking together to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Research Fund. Watch Sarah's solo performance here:

Hot Shots Calendar Is Under Fire For This Photo Shoot On US Military Base (NSFW) 4:57

Somebody from Utah has got into very serious trouble because of giving permission for this.

"The Walking Dead" Theme Song Gets An Epic Drum Remix 1:24

YouTube star Dylan Taylor creates a drum and electronic beat remix of the song from “The Walking Dead” and, unsurprisingly, it’s killer.

Jerome Jarre Turns Down A Million Dollars For Him To Live In New York. His Reasons Will Inspire You 5:52

Everyone would say yes to a million dollars to live and work in New York. But for Jarre, the answer's not so simple.

This Raging Version Of "Let It Go" Is Freaking Hilarious 3:47

Finally, something pertaining to "Frozen" that we actually enjoy.

This Is How Marble Is Harvested. It's Really Beautifully Done! 2:54

Looks like the guy is choreographing a ballet of monster machines.

This New IKEA Desk Lets You Sit Or Stand At Work 1:15

With the push of a button, you can raise or lower the desk to your desired height. This will make you happier at work.

The First Winning Female Pitcher Mo’ne Davis Wants You To "Throw Like A Girl" 1:01

\Mo’ne the 13-year-old girl who was the first female pitcher to win a game in the Little League is here to inspire you.

This Funny Dog Tries Very Hard To Untie A Girl's Bikini 00:30

This adorable puppy just won't leave the beachgoer alone.



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