Stalking Your Successful Friend On Facebook Is A Source Of Depression 3:10

You're not alone in your creepy social media habits.

"Stuck On A Lamp Post" Is A New Way To Prank Your Friends 1:06

Bet someone here is going to try this and get stuck trying to see if it works.

Remember Life Before The Internet? Neither Do BMW 1:01

"Newfangled Idea", a new Super Bowl commercial for BMW i3.

Here Are The 13 Surprising Ways To Get Rid Of A Wedgie 3:19

Why is it so socially unacceptable to get rid of a wedgie?

7 Things You Don't Know About "The Matrix" 5:10

This video will change your view on the world ... or at least make you go "WOAH!"

The Leatherman Tread: 25 Tools You Wear On Your Wrist 1:34

Do people with smaller wrists need to sacrifice the number of tools in order for it to fit properly?

"The Dancing Avengers": Trailer For "Avengers" And "Step Up" Crossover Movie 2:14

This fan trailer isn't just an interspersing of "Avengers" and "Step Up" clips, but rather the insertion of an entirely new character into scenes from the "Avengers", giving everything a slightly new context.

10 FORBIDDEN Places You're Not Allowed to Visit 10:06

I'm sorry you can never get the Coca Cola's secret recipe.

This Girl Is Insanely Talented 4:28

The Lionel Messi Drawing looks like a printed image.

Where's The Baby? 00:56

Well, at least they found the baby, so it's a happy ending.

These Guys REALLY Take It To The Next Level With This Zombie Scare Prank 3:51

This is probably the best scare prank ever made so far.

We Can Only Assume That Koalas Aren't The Smartest Animals Out There ... 4:10

A koala is rescued from a mineshaft and then falls right back in.

Smart Crow Demonstrating Remarkable Understanding Of Water Displacement 3:18

Crows understand a fundamental part of logical reasoning, far more rational than we had realized.

This Is Why You Are Addicted To Cats 4:57

This cat is an awesome parkour master.

Grandpa Breaks Down When Meeting His Estranged Daughter And Grandchildren 3:06

Upon seeing the girls for the first time, the usually-pissed-off old man breaks down in tears and hugs his daughter and her little ones for what seems like an eternity.

If You Want A Rabbit To Deliver Beer, Build Him A Cart 00:53

You could never train your own kids to do this!

Would You Do It If Mom Could Hear You? 3:18

Funny yet disturbing video of sexual harassment in Peru. The women, disguised with dresses, wigs and heavy makeup, have a thing or two to say about the way their own "sons" treat women.

Thanks To New Tech Glasses, Blind Mom Can See Her Son For The Very First Time 1:09

There are no words to sufficiently describe how magical the moment is.

Watch Buddy Rich's Insane Drum Solo 4:43

Unbelievable. He was 64 years old when he played this. 



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