Princess Leia Takes On Galadriel In "Epic Princess Rap Battle" 2:21

Princess Leia from "Star Wars" challenges Galadriel from "Lord Of The Rings". See who wins this time.

30 Seconds Of Talking Cats Will Make You Want To Bring Them Home 00:31

This Christmas, rescue a pet instead of buying one.

This Crazy Daredevil Climbs A 900-Foot Tall Chimney Without Any Equipment 5:31

YouTuber Flaviu Cernescu releases a video in which he climbs a 919-foot chimney in Pitesti. Not even Santa would be brave enough to climb it.

This Dog Howls While His Human Sings And They Make The Perfect Harmony 1:21

Maximus, the singing German Shepherd does a beautiful duet with his owner.

Here's Why Many People Tend To Think Motorcyclists Are INSANE 6:16

The craziest cop and motorcyclist chase you will ever see.

Wu-Tang Clan Performs "Ruckus In B Minor" On "Letterman" And They Kill It 3:49

The legendary hip-hop group from Staten Island is back!

A Guy Abuses "A Woman" In Front Of Cops Prank And Gets Into Bad Troubles! 2:57

It's actually a prank on cops but this guy got the guts!!

This Fan Made "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Trailer Hypes You Up Before The Real One Comes Out 1:51

Someone knows we couldn't wait any longer before the official one comes out!

Meghan Trainor Prepares You Thanksgiving Carols For Your Terrible Relatives 2:15

It's a time when all family members gather and Meghan knows you needs this.

Somebody Creates A "Minecraft" Mob Music Maker And It's Excellent! 4:45

It's a device that allows mobs to become musicians.

"Batman vs Darth Vader" Is The Most EPIC Super Power Battle Ever 5:24

The Dark Knight vs The Dark Lord, need to say more?

"Jurassic World" First Trailer Is Finally Here With Chris Pratt Hunting Down Mutant Dinosaur 2:41

"Jurassic World," takes place 22 years after the original movie where people from all over the world are visiting a dinosaur theme park.

Homemade "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" Trailer Is So Much More Entertaining Than The Real One 2:22

It is actually quite terrible, but it will give you some good laughters.



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