Two Japanese Girl Blowing Ballons With Butt Is Obviously A Way You've Never Seen (NSFW) 1:53

Because using your mouth is too mainstream, Japanese just have to find another creative way to do so.

The Reason Why We Love Russia, They're Unpredictably AWESOME 7:52

People must have a lot of fun when hanging out with Russian friends.

Six Elementary School Kids Teach You How To Deal With Anger: Just Breathe 3:42

Imagine our world if all kids were taught to be skilful with this in school.

Cheetah Robot Jump Over Hurdles Looks Terrifying! 1:48

But we can't wait to ride this to work.

Just When You Think Ducktales Couldn't Get Any Better… Thanks Beyonce! 1:32

Beyonce Dancing to the "Ducktales" theme song is why the internet was invented.

Beaver Waving To A Little Boy Like He Is Making A New Friend 00:20

Waving hands is always the best way to show your kindness.