"Batman vs Darth Vader" Is The Most EPIC Super Power Battle Ever 5:24

The Dark Knight vs The Dark Lord, need to say more?

"Jurassic World" First Trailer Is Finally Here With Chris Pratt Hunting Down Mutant Dinosaur 2:41

"Jurassic World," takes place 22 years after the original movie where people from all over the world are visiting a dinosaur theme park.

Homemade "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" Trailer Is So Much More Entertaining Than The Real One 2:22

It is actually quite terrible, but it will give you some good laughters.

Hugh Jackman Becomes Blackbeard In The New And Stunning "Pan" Trailer 2:33

"Pan" tells the story of Peter when he first finds out the place Neverland. It looks incredibly magical!

A Dog Dressed As A Teddy Bear On A Treadmill Will Get You Through This Week 00:31

Munchkin the Shih Tzu makes everything better in the world. 

This Guy Has Some Wise Words About Racism And Pop Culture 5:23

What this guy, Fredrick Wilson II, says, goes for everyone.

10 Haunting Ways Facebook Uses To Spy On You 3:16

Will you continue to use Facebook?

Two Dudes Scream "Stop Him" In The Streets And How People React Is Shocking 2:22

It's a social experiment to see how people react when some one screams for help in the streets.

This Man Is The Best Parallel Parker Of All Time 00:55

Chinese stunt driver Han Yue recently breaks the tightest parallel park world record and he seems to be really amazing.

Someone Remixes The Beatles' "Across The Universe" With Sounds From Space Into This Beautiful Work 3:49

Canadian musician Andrew Huang uses sounds from the ESA's audio recordings from the Rosetta space probe comet-landing mission and remixes it with Beatles' song.

"The Last Starfighter" Modern Trailer Brings Back Some Good Old Memories 2:15

Tim Gonzales made a 21st century trailer for the 1984 classic "The Last Starfighter" and obviously he has done a great job.

What Advertisements Really Look Like In Reality (NSFW) 4:44

This video finds a hilarious way to show you why not all advertisements work in life.



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