Burger Companies Love Having Car Wash In Their Commercials, Here's The Latest One (NSFW) 1:04

Hannah Ferguson and Paris Hilton eat burgers and wash cars in the latest Carl's Jr. commercial.

This Little Girl Doesn't Want Her Baby Brother To Grow Up 00:57

5-year-old Sadie loves her brother so much that she doesn't want him stop being a baby. She is too young to realise that's every grown-up's problem.

This Man's Phone Rings On Live TV, What He Does Will 100% Make You Laugh 00:41

Recently, on a Vietnamese morning show, a guest was talking about the serious flooding in Lang Son when something unexpected happened: His phone rang. And he did the right thing!

Latest "Sin City: A Dame To Kill" Trailer Is So Damn Hot (NSFW) 3:24

Eva Green, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga... It has everything to die for.

Kid President's Pep Talk On Heroes Will Inspire You 4:17

This little boy who calls himself "Kid President" has some amazing wisdom to share: you don't need cape and you don't need money to be a hero.

This Girl Takes Her GoPro Into Jellyfish Lake, And What She Captures Is Breathtaking 1:21

This brave girl, Nana Trongratanawong, dives into a marine lake in Palau's Southern Lagoon and is fascinated by the world of jellyfish.

How Charlie Brown And Snoopy Become The Best Buddies 00:16

This 8-week-old pitbull loves sleeping with his 10-week-old baby friend. There's too much cuteness!

How To Make Out With Strangers Looks So Easy 3:15

YouTuber Sam Pepper gets some kisses at Venice Beach. Looks like he's a bad kisser.

Oxford Students Make A "Hips Don't Lie" Cover, It's So Funny That Even Shakira Tweets About It 3:36

The Out of the Blue (OOTB) is Oxford's all-male a cappella group best known for appearing on Britain's Got Talent in 2011. The group makes a single covering Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" to raise money for Helen & Douglas House, a children's hospice.

This Video Shows You Why Girls Shouldn't Get Drunk 3:33

And you know getting fails recorded is not even the most dangerous...

Watch This Disabled Athlete Overcome His Body Limits Will Inspire You 4:00

When Ben Jackson was born, no one ever expect him to even walk due to his cerebral palsy disability. After 20 years, Ben is now an athlete who competes in both wrestling and weightlifting. Even though he faces loads of difficulties, he never quits.

Watch This Guy Troll The Cosplay Girls Of Comic-Con 2014 5:02

YouTuber MediocreFilms had a good time at the Comic-Con!

This Company Is Providing The Manservant Service That Every Woman Wants 2:24

This San Francisco startup sees a market for a manservants business. It claims that it's not gigolo and it's strictly PG.

Here's The Dumb Security USA Uses To Control The Deadliest Nuclear Weapons 15:22

John Oliver delivers some terrifying facts about nuclear weapons on the latest "Last Week Tonight". He says while America has lots of nuclear weapons, some of them are surprisingly controlled by outdated floppy disks.



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