Watch This "Nerd" Drop Freestyle Raps In The Hood And Impress Everyone 4:07

He's actually really good at coming up with rhymes on the spot.

Watch This Crazy Guy Race A Train From One Station To The Next 2:21

This speed demon was on Circle Line of the London Underground and he is a really good runner.

This Is Not A Sketch Of "The Last Supper," It Is A "Typed Out" Painting By A Typewriter Artist 4:27

Typewriter artist Paul Smith suffers from spastic cerebral palsy. Despite his illness, he is able to create artistic works using just a few keys from his typewriter.

Are Video Games Sexist? This Woman Has A Clue 6:35

She has made quite a valid point, what do you think?

MIT's New Robot Cheetah Can Jump And Run Free Without A Leash 2:35

Researchers at MIT have developed a robot cheetah that can run on its own power, off a treadmill.

This Guy Turns Classified Ads Into A Rap To Help People Find Lovers 2:45

Mac Lethal never fails to have some funny and creative raps.

Watch Bryan Cranston Recreate The Classic MLB Playoff Moments In This One-Man Show 5:53

The "Breaking Bad" actor describes this one-man show as the greatest acting challenge, and he nails it.

This Butterfly Loves Music, And It Knows Exactly Where Is The Best Spot To Enjoy It 1:34

Watch a butterfly land on the flute player's face during a music competition.

These Daredevils Dress Up As Priests To Sneak Into And Jump Off From A Palace In Poland 2:33

The security of this Palace of Culture and Science may be having a headache now ...



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